Our Chefs

Mr. Bashir Uddin

Our Head Chef Mr. Bashir Uddin who was born in Biswanth, Syleth, Bangladesh had the passion of cooking since he was very young. He always had the passion to create something which is thoroughly enjoyable by our guests.

Among his work experience, he achieved a lot and especially the recipes from his beloved mother who knew the real art of cooking the authentic Indian & Bangladeshi Cuisine. Also must mention the famous chef's for cooking Indian Cuisine was Jeet Bahadur Thapa, Ram Sign, Sucha Sing and likewise many more who gave tips to learn the real art of Indian Cuisine. Mr. Uddin came to England in the year 15th January, 1978. His first job as a trainee chef was in Wimbledon. In 1979 moved to Hamton Hill as a tandori chef for a year. In the year 1980 moved to east Mosley with his new job as a tandoori chef. In 1981 moved to Ealsis Common where he worked as a Head Chef in the very reputed Indian restaurant known as Taj Mahal (Ealing). In year 1981 opened his own Indian restaurant in west Ealing knows as The Indian Brasserie. During his early days he had the opportunity to cook for many famous celebrities and Bollywood stars who well appreciated his art of cooking. In the year 1987 he sold his business and moved to Swindion with new job as Head Chef. Finally in the year 1988 again had the opportunity to open his own Indian restaurant as knows as The Ancient Raj. Frimley, Surrey. He is still serving the local community with his heart and soul, raising funds for the local community e.g. Charities and Mosques, helping the needy. Mr. Bashir Uddin has always followed the traditional method of cooking using home cooking methods with he is known as Mother’s Recopies.

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